Meet the Team

Jason “HeavyD” Daunton (and Pete)

Founder & President

Jason was a member of the Army’s 1st Armored Division 4/12 and 2/6 Infantry Scout/Sniper platoon, stationed in Baumholder Germany.  He completed two tours to Bosnia conducting long range reconnaissance missions, guarded mass grave sites.  He was in the gunner’s hatch of a HUMVEE when it struck a landmine causing his mild/moderate T.B.I. (Traumatic Brain Injury).  After his second tour he left the Army and attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan NY, before entering the Law Enforcement field.  He spent 17 years as an LEO and had to suddenly retire in 2017 due his PTSD which he attempted to mask with addictions.

After multiple doctors, therapists, rehab, IOP (Intensive Out Patient) programs and a 4 month stay at East Orange and Lyons VA hospitals, Jason talked to one of best friends, Scott Dorrler and they started Not One Forgotten.  Jason’s goal is to help Veterans and their family’s utilizing his experiences he has gained over the past almost three decades, as well as raising awareness for Veterans PTSD and Veteran Suicide Prevention.  Jason is also in the process of becoming a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist.

Scott Dorrler

Co-Founder & Vice President

Mary Daunton


Mary is the proud wife of Jason and has almost 2 decades of experience in PTSD, being married to Jason and helping him through his struggles.  She did not hesitate when Jason wanted to start Not One Forgotten and she volunteered to be the Secretary.  She helps moderate the family and friends Peer to Peer group.  Mary is in the process of being certified as a Peer Recovery Specialist.

Charlene Daunton


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Dave Daunton

Sgt. At Arms

Mary Dorrler


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